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Top Tips to Get Rid of Clothes Moths in Your Storage Space

How can you get rid of clothes moths once they have found their way into your storage spaces? While clothes moths are not uncommon, they are still annoyance for you and pose a damage risk to your stored items. Let Community Park  Storage help you identify these pests so you can clear them from your space for good. Follow our steps below for expert advice on dealing with clothes moths!

how to get rid of clothes moths

How You Can Get Rid of Clothes Moths

Find the Problem & Problem Area

How can you identify clothes moths as the ones causing damage in your storage? These pesky bugs go after fabrics—preferably fur, wool, cashmere, and other animal-based materials, but not exclusively. You might start to webbing between items of clothes or small holes. Although when we think of moths, we think of them in their large adult stages, clothes moths actually do the most damage to your items as larvae. It might be difficult to see the perpetrators, but they are in your storage and need to be cleaned out.

What do clothes moths look like? The casemaking and webbing clothes moths as adults are about 1 centimeter in size with yellow or gray coloring.

Clear the Damage

Start by going through your affected boxes. Take all the items that are in those containers and either wash them in warm water if you think they are salvageable or throw them away if they are too far gone. Some pieces might only need a quick stitch or patchwork. Once you have looked through everything, clean your storage space. Thoroughly vacuum and wash down any additional fabrics, and discard of your vacuum bag immediately. If you are storing in a space with carpeting, a steam clean or shampoo treatment is worth your time to make sure those clothes moths are gone for good.

Take Precautions to Keep Your Storage Clothes Moth-Free

To stop this problem before it starts in the future, there are a few things to keep in mind when storing. First, clothes moths are attracted to humid, dark spaces, such as storage units or attics. We know there is only so much you can do to control these factors, but any chance you get to open up your storage space for airflow and move items around to create a disruption is beneficial. Second, take precautions when choosing your storage container. Air-tight bins are your best protection against bugs and pests.

Community Park Storage in Cranberry Township, PA

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