Heated-Indoor Loading and Unloading Garage Area Available!

Community Park Storage is proud to be the only storage facility in Cranberry Township to offer Heated-Indoor Loading and Unloading Bay Area For Easy Move-In!

Premier Storage and Storage Supplies in Cranberry PA

Make storing easier than ever by choosing a self storage facility that can fulfill all your needs. Community Park Storage offers temperature-controlled storage up to 10×20 feet and drive-up storage up to 10×30 feet. In addition to storage, we sell storage supplies in our Cranberry PA office for any last-minute needs. Rent with us!

1. Label All Your Boxes Thoroughly

One of the biggest tips we can give is to label your boxes. Include the room you into which you will unpack the items as well as the actual contents of the box. It should look something like this: “Kitchen: silverware, measuring spoons, measuring cups, reusable containers.” That way, if you are looking for your measuring spoons, you can easy find them in this box instead of searching though multiple boxes or even multiple “kitchen”-marked boxes.

2. Find Reliable Padding

Packing padding into your boxes with breakable items are a must. But you do not need to purchase bubble wrap to do so. Take towels that you would have to pack up anyway, and put those in between your fragile items like plates or glasses. You can do the same with small blankets or pillow cases. Get creative with what you already have!

3. Acquire Strong Boxes

This might seem obvious, but a lot of people hang onto boxes that get worn over time. Those can still be used but only for lighter objects that will not cause the box to break. It would not be a bad idea to stock up on new boxes to eliminate risks of breakage. Stop by our facility if you need extras! We sell all kinds of storage supplies at our Cranberry PA location. 

Get Your Storage Supplies in Cranberry PA!

We sell all the storage supplies you need at our Cranberry PA office. Whether you need mattress covers, boxes, packing peanuts, or bubble wrap, we have you covered. Stop by our office on Route 19, or rent storage through our contactless storage rentals!

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