With entrances large enough for a moving truck to park inside, Community Park Storage makes your move-ins comfortable and easily accessible with our covered loading and unloading garage area – the only one at a self storage facility in the area.

Top College Student Storage Mistakes

Are you a student who needs state college storage units for the summer? Community Park Storage has temperature-controlled and drive-up storage units off Route 19 near Cranberry Township Community Park. Whether we are close to home or a convenient stop along your drive back home from school, Community Park Storage can be your solution for organizing all your belongings. Start renting with us today, and follow our tips below to avoid making the top storage mistakes we see!

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Common College Student Storage Mistakes

Renting Too Small or Too Large

Not having enough room will certainly not help you, but you also do not need to pay for more space than you need. An easy way to determine how much storage space you need is by referring to our online storage calculator or asking one of our experts. The staff in our office on Route 19 can walk you through the storage process and guide you to the right features and storage unit size for your items! If you use our online tool, all you have to do is enter the items you are looking to store, and the calculator will suggest a storage unit size for you.

Forgetting/Declining Storage Protection

Your items should always have additional protection when in the care of others. Storage protection is essential for every rental. Some factors like fires and water damage are out of your control, so make sure potential losses are covered. Choose from Community Park Storage’s multiple options to find one to to fit your budget and cover your items. Otherwise, please present proof of your own protection at the time of your rental.

Taking an Unorganized Packing Approach

Between school and home, it is already difficult to keep track of all your items. When you rent a storage unit, that is one more place you have to go searching when something is lost. We recommend tracking the belongings you keep in storage, so you have an easy reference when you need to remember what is packed away. Create a cheat sheet that will allow you to quick look up whether a certain item is in storage, in your apartment, or at home.

Community Park Storage in Cranberry Township, PA

Ready to organize your space? Call or stop by the Community Park Storage office on Route 19 to talk to a storage expert about the best storage for you in Cranberry Township, PA. We offer storage units of all sizes with temperature control and drive-up amenities, affordable college storage units, and storage supplies to help you pack your items. If you already have a good idea about the kind of self storage you need, you can rent completely contact-free through our online rentals. It is a simple process. Browse through our available storage units, enter your contact and payment information, receive access information to your email, and move in on your designated move-in day! It is as easy as a few clicks.

Rent or reserve your college storage online with Community Park Storage in Cranberry Township, PA!

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