We Offer the Only Enclosed Loading and Unloading Area in Cranberry Township!

Community Park Storage is proud to be the only storage facility in Cranberry Township to offer Heated-Indoor Loading and Unloading Bay Area For Easy Move-In!

Community Park Storage in Cranberry Township PA
Community Park Storage in Cranberry Township PA
Temperature-Control vs. Climate-Control: Understanding the Differences
September 22, 2023

When it comes to preserving your belongings, not all storage solutions are created equal. For many, the terms “temperature-controlled” and “climate-controlled” might seem interchangeable, but they signify two distinct types of storage environments. While both are superior to traditional storage in several respects, understanding their specific differences is crucial for anyone looking to protect their […]

Creating Space With Self Storage hero image
How to Create Space with Community Park Storage
June 7, 2023

Looking to create space around your home with limited storage space? If you’re struggling to find space for your important stuff due to clutter, you can consider utilizing self-storage facilities in the vicinity and organizing your belongings efficiently. Community Park Storage provides a range of storage options to assist you in tackling any storage endeavor. […]

how to get rid of clothes moths
Top Tips to Get Rid of Clothes Moths in Your Storage Space
April 28, 2023

How can you get rid of clothes moths once they have found their way into your storage spaces? While clothes moths are not uncommon, they are still annoyance for you and pose a damage risk to your stored items. Let Community Park  Storage help you identify these pests so you can clear them from your […]